Vlad Mitrichev (b.1980)
Moscow based conceptual and advertising photographer.
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Митричев Влад и Митричева Катя.
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Even though I was born in a small German town called Neustrelitz, which is not far from Berlin, 
I am Russian. Later on in my life I studied in Russia to become a film director. 

why photography? 

I never dreamed to become photographer, before I became one. My approach is more likely situated between the one of a film director and a fine art artist. Not concerning the color, but the composition.
The meaning of drama, meaning of our life is the main interest for me in photography. When I am taking pictures I'm neither interested by form or color no by dresses etc. I focus on the entire situation just like staging a play. I am using the technique of typical fashion shooting as a language which is so familiar and common to people. But I am trying to tackle other issues and give the whole thing another meaning.
If you know Rene Magritte, Hieronymus Bosch and Ilya Repin you may mix them and then you might understand how I feel.

How do I create pictures?

Devil is a big monster with terrible horns and God is a superman in the body of Gandalf? No.
In real He look like the depression after a night spent at the office working. Like nervous breakdown after fast food abuse. Like loneliness in an expensive and fancy car. Like a baby crying in the middle of tons of toys. Even better like baby crying while his father dies for the hundreds of toys he makes for another baby which needs his father close to him. And he also looks like a greed. 

So I made the decision to put this car into a deep forest like a symbol of loneliness. I decided that the man inside the car should have no clothes on as a symbol of his vulnerability. And this car became the metaphor of a life-saving shell. Like an eggshell. But we all know that this is a fake protection against loneliness.